Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition

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Download the Elvis Tribute Artist application from the link above and send it to P.O. Box 468 Tupelo, MS 38802 or email it to craig@tupelomainstreet.com, for your chance to compete and win in the very birthplace of the King of Rock n'Roll.

Young Elvis


Tupelo is where he began.

Elvis Aaron Presley took his first breath in the arms of Vernon and Gladys Presley on January 8th, 1935, in a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi. The house, built by Presley’s family, is still preserved today as a historic landmark by the State of Mississippi. The birthplace site is open to visitors from all over the world and features a variety of sites for Elvis fans. The “Elvis at 13” statue preserves the young boy at the age that he left Tupelo to live in Memphis. The site also houses Elvis’ childhood church, the place where he first heard Southern gospel, which played a significant role as inspiration for his enriching melodies.

Tupelo is where he was raised.

Just a few blocks away from the BancorpSouth Arena is Tupelo Hardware, where Elvis bought his first guitar in 1946. Elvis planned to purchase a .22 caliber rifle, but Gladys convinced the young boy to get a guitar instead. His pastor taught him how to play; it was a common occurrence to see Elvis, guitar in hand, walking around our charming, southern town.

Tupelo is where his legacy continues.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more thrilling atmosphere than the Tupelo Elvis Festival and the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Preliminary Competition. From its one-of-a-kind nightlife at the Silver Moon Club, to its international fan base, Tupelo boasts one of the best ETA experiences in the country. Tupelo Elvis Festival is the ONLY UETA Prelimimary Competition to host the EAS Band as support for the contestants and performers. With a dazzling stage set, live music and arena seating, ETA’s are sure to give some of their best performances at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi.

So... what are you waiting for?

Who's won in Tupelo? 

brandon bennett.png

2007 Brandon bennett

Brandon was the first Tupelo representative at the Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2007 and won Ultimate one year later. He then went on to perform at various venues across the US and Canada including starring in the Montreal company of “Elvis Story”. Brandon was featured on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”. His more recent role was as Elvis Presley in Chicago’s smash-hit musical “Million Dollar Quartet.”


2008 Victor Trevino, Jr. 

Since 2005, Victor has been performing his tribute specializing in the rockabilly 50s and 60s and movie genre. Victor was a top five finalist in Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2010. Currently, he stars as Elvis Presley in “Legends In Concert.” Victor has performed at various venues across the US.

Victor Trevino
Bill Cherry

2009 Bill Cherry

You may have heard of his famous concert move called the “Cherry-Go-Round” named for Bill’s notable interactions with his loyal audiences. Bill has been paying tribute to Elvis since 1987, and won the Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2009 while representing Tupelo, MS. This was the first time any ETA won the title of the Ultimate both at the birthplace and hometown of Elvis Presley in the same year. Currently, Bill performs in various venues across the U.S. as well as starring as Elvis Presleyin “Legends in Concert.”


2010 Kevin Mills

Since 1990, Kevin Mills has made dozens of appearances showcasing his love for Elvis including having the starring role and lead performance in “Elvis The Beginning” on A&E. Kevin has performed as Elvis in “Legends in Concert” and held a principle role in the Elvis Lives Tour. He even performed at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Kevin placed second in the Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2010 while representing Tupelo, Ms.

Kevin Mills
Cody Slaughter

2011 Cody Slaughter

From the age of 13, Cody has entertained fans from all across the country.  He has starred as Elvis in the travel production of “Million Dollar Quartet” and was nominated as best featured actor for his role. Cody has made TV appearances on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” and “Late Night with David Letterman.” Aside from performing as a tribute artist, Cody is pursuing a career as a country music singer and songwriter. Cody won Ultimate ETA in Memphis while representing Tupelo, MS.


2012 David Lee

David Lee won the Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2015 after winning in Tupelo in 2012. David Lee has been performing as an ETA since 1995 and has made appearances all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico. David was the model for the Elvis Presley Birthplace statue representing 1970’s Elvis unveild in August 2015. Through David’s effort, Tupelo was able to obtain support in receving funds for expansion projects at the Birthplace. He has also been featured in the documentary “Duke and The King,” as Elvis Presley, as well as numerous books documenting the unique lives of ETAs. 

David Lee
Jay Dupuis

2013 Jay Dupuis 

Since the age of three, Jay has been performing as Elvis Presley whether it was for friends and family or full concert arenas. Jay won Ultimate ETA in Memphis in 2014, just one year after winning the preliminary ETA competition in Tupelo. Jay is unique in the sense that he performs as Elvis from the rockabilly era all the way to the Vegas years of the 1970s. Jay has performed as Elvis in “Legends in Concert” and in “Elvis Lives.”


2014 Ben Thompson

Ben has yet to win Ultimate ETA in Memphis, but that has not stopped his drive for success. Out of ETA mode, he dons a charming British accent that’s hard to believe if you’ve only seen his stage perfomances. Ben started performing at the age of 15 and never stopped. His first attempt at Ultimate ETA in Memphis landed him in the top five in 2013. In 2014, as representative of Tupelo, Ben finished in second place in Memphis. He also produced and starred in a theater show called the “Definitive Elvis Experience” as well as being cast in “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” 

Ben Thompson
Diogo Light

2015 diogo light

Unlike many ETA competitiors, paying tribute to The King is a fun hobby for Diogo Light, a lawyer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He started performing in 2006 after visiting Graceland for the first time. In 2013, Di was a finalist in the UltimateETA in Memphis. 


2016 Doug Church

Doug was the 2016 Tupelo Ultimate ETA winner. It was while serving in the U.S. Air Force that Doug discovered talent as a tribute artist. At the time, a homemade costume and guitar were just enough for him to win a talent contest held annually by the Air Force, where he won 11 first-place trophies in just four years of competitions. After leaving the service, Doug had many accomplishments, including serving years as Elvis Presley in “Legends in Concert” and several lifetime achievement awards. He has performed all over the world with his band “Kentucky Reign.”

Doug Church
Cote Deonath

2017 Cote Deonath

Cote Deonath is the 2017 Tupelo Preliminary UETA Representative! Cote has been an Elvis tribute artist since the age of five. He’s been all over the country performing and paying tribute to the King. Cote has won numerous awards and has recently made it to the Ultimate Elvis Contest in Memphis, Tennessee in 2016. There he placed in the top 10. Cote says it’s a dream come true to pay tribute to, in his words, “the greatest entertainer to ever live.” This year, he will represent the Tupelo Elvis Festival in Memphis.